Honey Uncapping Tools & Equipment

"Uncapping" refers to removing the thin beeswax covering off your honey frames to expose your honey. Only once honey is exposed can it be extracted. Our uncapping tools and equipment range from the handheld uncapping comb or knife to the line of Lyson automatic uncappers.

When uncapping, you want to do as little damage to the frames as possible, as the drawn comb can be reused to help give your bees a head start on refilling the box. The layer of wax that you scrape or cut off your honey frames is called cappings, and you will need a tank or bucket to collect these cappings. Our Uncapping Tank is a popular tool for the beginner to hold frames and honey cappings!

Be sure to strain the honey from the cappings and add it to your honey harvest (it can contain a lot of honey!). The beeswax you strain out can also be rinsed with water and saved in the refrigerator or freezer to later melt into beeswax cakes.

Uncapping and extracting indoors in a clean, food-safe area is the way to go. These activities will attract many honey bees and other insects, and robbing on a large scale may result.

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