30 Dose Formic Pro

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Formic Pro™ is a treatment for the control of the Varroa destructor mite in honey bees. The polysaccharide gel strip contains the active ingredient, formic acid, and allows for a slow release of the vapor. Formic Pro™ is certified organic in New Zealand (a worldwide leader in organic standards) and can be used with honey supers. The treatment is placed on top of the lower brood chamber for either a 14-day or 20-day treatment period.

Varroa mites are a parasite of honey bees that weaken and transmit viruses to Honey bees. They reproduce under the brood cap and feed off the developing bee. When the baby bee emerges from its cell, more mites emerge with it, and transfer to other brood cells on the adult bees. Due to the exponential nature of varroa reproduction, colony infestation levels can quickly get out of control. Viruses accumulate in the colony, and higher varroa levels further weaken the bees, rendering them unable to survive. It is imperative to be aware of your mite levels to ensure the health of your hive.

Full instructions included with each package, but also found here.