Complete 10 Frame Hive Body

This assembled 10 frame wooden hive body kit helps prepare you for the beekeeping season. Shown here with optional wood frames with plastic foundation.

  • Item Code: CDHBA10
  • 43.79 USDPrice: $43.79

Choose Your Options:


Deep Hive Body (Required)
Deep Frames (Required)


The Assembled Hive Body Kit includes your choice of:

  • 3/4 inch or 7/8 inch wood thickness for the Hive Bodies
  • Commercial Grade or Select Hive Body
  • Frame choices - Assembled Wood Frames with wax or plastic foundation or Plastic Frames

Why Extra Wax?

Plastic Frames and Foundation coated with extra wax make life a little easier! Bees accept plastic foundation better with an extra coating of wax, but not everyone has the time. Let us do the work for you! Our waxing service coats the plastic foundation with additional wax, saving you and the bees time.

The Base Price kit shown includes:

  • Assembled Commercial 3/4 inch Hive Body
  • 10 Plastic Frames

Note: Wax foundation is not installed due to breakage during shipment